Our ambition is to offer our guests the very best in every detail and aim to always give that little extra something.

Here at Nobis Hotel both international business travelers and gourmet seekers check in to enjoy our time’s luxury - a relaxed, simple and elegant experience in the heart of Stockholm.

Our goal is to go that extra mile to increase the quality of our customers' experiences. With our favorable location on Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, we can do just that. Our guests can enjoy maximum comfort and efficiency with walking distance to all the delights of the capital. But also, in a quiet and sophisticated environment, our guests can stay in and discover our historic building from the 1800s and enjoy our scandinavian architecture.

Classically natural materials creates function, quality and beauty.

Our interior is designed in cooperation with the well-known architect and design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune, who worked primarily with natural materials to provide both beauty and quality to our inside. At Nobis Hotel we want to create a personal and luxurious atmosphere for our guests while maintaining the environmental thinking and today we are very proud for our partnership with the Swan eco-label.

Welcome to us at Nobis Hotel