How to use Ionic brush & electrolyte powder

HEAT Electrolyte Powder:

Discover the healthier way to hydrate with HEAT Electrolyte Powder™. With minerals like magnesium and potassium, coconut water, Himalayan salt and a hint of mango, this natural, sugar-free supplement is your all-in-one wonder. From sweat sessions and long flights to late nights out, a speedy recovery is only a few sips away. Trust us, your body will thank you.

Just add two scoops (6.5 g) to your glass (at least 150 ml of water), stir vigorously with a spoon, and drink up.

HEAT Ionic Body Brush:

Naturally restore mind and body with your HEAT Ionic Body Brush™. Used on its own or before a sweat session, your Body Brush is designed to kickstart lymphatic drainage, promote the elimination of toxins, combat inflammation, reduces cellulite and exfoliate the skin. Plus, ion-charged copper bristles help to correct your electromagnetic balance, increasing your energy levels while recharging the body at the cellular level. Incorporated into your daily ritual, it’s an all-in-one natural detox that leaves you glowing from the inside-out.

Our quick and easy guide for using your HEAT Ionic Body Brush™. For best results, we suggest using your Body Brush for three minutes every morning, before a shower or sauna session. After brushing, follow with shower or bath, and apply the body oil or moisturizer of your choice.

1. Begin with your right leg. Brush using straight, firm strokes in the direction of your heart. Repeat the process on the left leg.

2. Move on to the buttocks. Sweep up and outward, towards the hipbones.

3. Starting at the hands and moving toward the armpits, brush the right and left arms.

4. Stroke your stomach in a circular, clockwise motion to promote digestion.

5. Massage the chest with short downward strokes, outward from the collarbone.

6. Brush your back in short, upward strokes, starting near the base of the spine.