Neurodesign with Nobis Hotel

Our Private Rooms are Neurodesign friendly. Neurodesign is about the physical environment we are in and how it affects health, performance, and well-being. Plants, ceiling height, and shapes are some factors that contribute to how we shape our thoughts and how effectively we work. A good start for a more effective meeting.


Of course, we offer good technology to facilitate hybrid- and digital meetings. Please let us know in advance which accessories you need.

Private Dining

Chambre Separée NOI

Our beautiful Chambre Separée is the perfect space for special festivities for up to 45 guests.

Chambre Separée Bino

Bistro Nobis, or Bino, offers a unique private dining experience for up to 20 guests.

Our meeting rooms


The largest meeting room is Styrelserummet, the beautiful former board room of the bank.


Klockrummet is a small meeting room between Styrelserummet and Biblioteket. The meeting room offers seats for 4-6 persons.


Sekretariatet is a small meeting room between Direktionen and Biblioteket. The meeting room offers seats for 4-6 persons.


Biblioteket is a corner room with views over both Norrmalmstorg and Berzilli Park.


Direktionen has views over Berzelii and is decorated with one round table. Direktionen offers seats for up to 8-10 persons.