BINO menu


Oyster “fine de claire” no 3 with mignonette

med mignonette

1p 42 SEK
Asparagus arancini

Fried croquettes of asparagus risotto and parmesan, served with wild garlic aioli and lime, 3 pieces.

120 SEK
Mini ribs Iberico Bellota with bbq-glaze
155 SEK

with lime yogurt sauce

125 SEK
Pimientos de padrón

with lime and parmesan

110 SEK
Green sallad
78 SEK
Tomato sallad
78 SEK
69 SEK
Mixed nuts
65 SEK
Valencia almonds
69 SEK



with watermelon,raspberry vinaigrette, pistachio and mint

178 SEK
Yellowfin tuna Crudo

with lime, mango chutney - sesame dressing, microgreens salad and marcona almonds

255 SEK
Steak tartare of swedish beef

Served with calabra dressing, sourdough breadcrumbs, pickled and crispy onion

195 SEK
Calamares fritos

Crispy fried calamari, squid ink aioli, lemon

155 SEK
Four selected Italian charcuterie

served with mozzarella, piccadilly tomatoes, artichoke cream and garlic bread

195/295 SEK

Main Courses

Fresh pasta with ragù

made of prime rib, red wine, San Marzano tomatoes and parmigiano reggiano

245 SEK
Seafood pasta

Fresh linguine , Argentinian red shrimps, mussels, cockles, seafood stock and piccadilly tomatoes

265 SEK
Salad with piccadilly tomatoes, quinoa, avocado, green beans, parmesan and caesar dressing

with your choice of: grilled corn fed chicken filé or marinated artichoke hearts

255 SEK
Seared pike-perch fillet

sauteed seasonal vegetables, brown butter hollandaise, trout roe and chlorophyll oil

355 SEK
Minute steak of Swedish veal

served with cafe de Paris butter, wild garlic bearnaise sauce, crisper fries, tomato salad

395 SEK
Tomato risotto

with red pesto of piccadilly tomatoes, cashew and basil, nutritional yeast, parmesan and espelette pepper

265 SEK
Angus dubbel smash cheeseburgar

(2*90gr), homemade pickles, cheddar cheese, harissa mayonnaise, crispy salad and fries

We can do it vegetarian with halloumi

275 SEK
Steak tartare of swedish beef

Served with calabra dressing, sourdough breadcrumbs, pickled & crispy onion and French fries

295 SEK


Swedish strawberries

Marinated in balsamic vineger, Moscato d´asti zabaglione och freeze-dried raspberry

135 SEK
Rhubarb crumble pie

with vanilla ice cream

135 SEK
Classic tiramisu

mascarpone, coffee, cocoa and maraschino cherries

125 SEK
Sorbet of the day with fresh berries
65 SEK
Chocolate truffle
45 SEK

Stracciatella ice cream with espresso

110 SEK
Champagne with lemon sorbet
225 SEK

Glass of sweet

2021 luigi voghera, moscato d’asti, piemonte
100 SEK
2020 chateau baulac, ”dodijos”, sauternes
120 SEK


per cl


Martell vsop | Martell cordon bleu

48/75 SEK

Boulard vsop calvados pays d’auge | Boulard xo calvados pays d’auge

38/45 SEK

Brugal 1888 | Diplomatico reserva exclusiva | Zacapa centenario solera 23 yrs

42/42/52 SEK
American whiskey

Makers mark | Blanton’s single barrel bourbon |

Woodford reserve

38/50/38 SEK
Scotch whisky

Monkey shoulder | Bowmore 12 yrs |

Macallan 12 yrs

38/38/46 SEK