NOI menu


Oysters “Fine de claire” No 3

1 pc

38 SEK
Nobis Baeri Caviar (esp) 30gr

Served with blinis, dill crackers and lime crème fraiche

995 SEK


Artisan Bread

With Västerbotten cheese, handmade cultured butter from Värmland, Eko extra virgin olive oil and crispbread with Himalayan pink salt

98 SEK
Iberian Ham 36 months with “Pan con tomate”
255 SEK
Swedish Tenderloin Carpaccio

With chimichurri mayonnaise, cassava chips, pickled shallots and crisp salad

245 SEK
Halibut Tartare

With lime sesame dressing, avocado, aji amarillo and Marcona almonds

255 SEK
Grilled King Oyster Mushroom

With ponzu and fried shallots

175 SEK
Marinated Artichoke Carpaccio

With chimichurri mayonnaise, seaweed caviar, cassava chips and pickled shallots

225 SEK
Homemade Pappardelle

With kale-cashew pesto, chesnuts, herb cream cheese and lemon pearls

Grilled Octopus

With fried garlic, fresh oregano and black aioli

205 SEK
NOI´s Steak Tartare

Served with Calabra dressing, sourdough breadcrumbs, pickled and crispy onion 1/2 portion

185 SEK
Fried Red Prawns “al Pil Pil”

With chili, garlic, and parsley

229 SEK


Seared Albacore Tuna on Salt Stone

Served with chimichurri, Nobis dressing 2.0 and side of your choice

375 SEK
Pan Fried Crispy Skin Cod

With seafood risotto and semi-dried tomatoes

335 SEK
Grilled butterflied sea bass

Roasted potatoes and lemon vinaigrette

375 SEK
Dry-aged Sirloin on Salt Stone

With bearnaise sauce, red wine sauce and a side of your choice

475 SEK
Duck Confit

Jerusalem artichoke pureé, port wine sauce and pickled kohlrabi

375 SEK
NOI´s steak tartare

Served with Calabra dressing, sourdough breadcrumbs, french fries, pickled and crispy onion 1/1 portion

275 SEK
Baked Celeriac With Mushroom Fricassé

With miso butter sauce, hazelnuts, pomegranate and herb oil

295 SEK


T-bone steak

NOI's 4 weeks dry aged bone-in cuts for 2 persons (30min) served with bearnaise sauce, red wine sauce, green salad, and fries

1395 SEK


Greek salad
85 SEK
Potato wedges with parmesan mayo and tomato powder
75 SEK
Fried artichoke with parmesan crème
85 SEK
Broccolini pan-fried with butter and garlic
89 SEK
French fries
55 SEK
Side salad
55 SEK